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What Are the Different Types of Nails a Roofing Company Uses?

A roofing nail is used for installing roofs. There are, though, several different kinds which are referred to as roofing nails, and these have numerous other uses. The main thing which distinguishes roofing nails is the large head it has, which is much larger and flatter than other nails. This allows the nail to hold the roofing felt down and shingles without tearing the material. These nails come in differing lengths of 1 to 1.75 inches, however, shorter and longer ones are available.

One element which makes these nails unique is what they are made out of. They are almost always made from aluminium or galvanized iron. Galvanization puts on a layer of steel or zinc to iron nails, which stop them from rusting, aluminium is also used for this reason. Roofing nails have to withstand years of rain, snow, etc. Rusting is not only unwanted, but it shortens the lifespan of a nail and creates ugly stains on a roof.

The flat head on roofing nails, in addition to holding down the roofing materials, helps stop  water from creeping in. Some come with rubber or plastic washers beneath its head. This simply adds another waterproofing layer to a nail.

Most roofing nails come with short threads or spiral shanks. These help to grab the wood sheathing which is installed beneath roofing materials and prevents the nail from coming out or getting loose. Missing and loose nails will eventually lead to roofing materials coming off or leaking.

Coil nails are designed to be used by a nail gun. They come in all the listed above variations; however, they are mounted in coils which are fed into a nail gun. This give a much faster installation with much less labor for the roofing company. Roofing coils are made to fit all nail guns, and usually come in coils which house around 120 nails.

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